How did it start?

It all started in puberty. I was about 12 years old and I started noticing more girls than before. There was one particular. Her name is Natalia, a patronymic pause, rather, I think that even now is not so important. I was in love with her head over heels. It was such children love the first one, about how you talk about or do not, it knows well all of us.

I could not ever take the plunge invite her somewhere. When I was younger I always smiaval his older brother, how is it possible that it can not pack a hefty woman. After all, on how to pack a woman can be anything. That’s what I thought until puberty, when I fell in love too. Suddenly everything was not so clear. I have seen the problem and in fact look it in the eye at all. It was funny but it was so.

One day I overcame my prejudices and I decided to address it. I wanted to ask her out.Jump to milkshake, hamburger or even feel free to cinema. I really was not sure what I want to do but I have to admit – I rehearsed the scene in front of a mirror at home for about two weeks. You would not say that a Woman-screams-in-terror-as-huge-iceberg-collapses-in-front-of-her can be so difficult.


I must say that it was a fiasco. Worse get it really could not have been. I came for her.Standing alone on the edge of a long hallway. It seemed to be perfect, just like my ideas and plans, he contrived that I have long days at home. I slowly came to her. I spoke to her.As soon as she looked at me all changed. Everything went wrong. My heart became like a race, hand me spotili than ever in my life. Everything I’ve seen somewhat blurred. I did not know what was happening. I started to stutter. To this day I do not know what I told her that day said. And probably do not want to know.

Simply embarrassing. I broke it the only girl that I ever wanted. I thought that it never learned how to pack and woman that ever left alone.


It was a few years later in high school. Again, I was head over heels in love with a girl. This time, it instructed the great fiasco of a few years, I do not want to leave anything to chance.I wanted to learn how to pack a well woman. How to pack a wife so that I finally did not spoil anything! I tried to find something on the internet. Just like now you’re looking for. Frankly, I found it much. This is honestly the only reason I can find the time and the writings of this manual. To already you and everyone who needs to know how to pack a woman. Hell after all, you do not want to die alone and probably you want in life and to enjoy a little, or not?
Fortunately, I’ve learned one of one relatively new service. From the beginning it seemed to me as pure bullshit, but since I found nothing better, I decided to at least try. I have to say hats off. In truth it was not cheap for me as a student who had to earn the brigade but honestly it changed my whole life. And that’s not exaggerating.


The service also has its website and you can find them at Lifestyle. If you read them, maybe the services offered by first scared like me. But do not worry it, sure they at least write an email or call. Talk to them and the strange feeling subside.I simply paid the money, even on site, and not even the full amount in advance. Came to me one guy and told me we were going to pack baby. It was a Friday, so I was pretty prepared, took the best clothes, the perfume and hit the streets. That I did not know what me that evening and the night awaits …

It was unreal. The kid opened my eyes. I was shocked of what he does, but even more of the results that it should. We met in town and immediately said to me,See that girl who sits with her ​​friends in a cafe on the terrace? Wait here he left and went straight for the girl. Something told her she laughed and all the friends and within a minute he was back with a napkin with her ​​phone number. I looked at him with open mouth and it just said to me: Come, I will teach you how to get pack of woman</em>“.Any additional events of this weekend, I still wrote and can be found in separate articles here. Of course the whole, let’s call it the know-how to pack a woman, you reveal. That they can not do. And I probably would not know or file. Rather, it is about or not. Guys from Lifestyle obviously figured out how to learn how to pack a woman – be it man show, you must try it yourself and learn from their mistakes.To my weekend course I had no one girl. Since the course was not for five months and I have six. I womanizer? A is doing something wrong? If someone says you also think so, I do not care. I enjoy life, I’ve never known. And that’s really only because dandy. If I really wanted and I would be able to fall in love with a girl, I believe that I could have. Any!Really know how to pack a woman can do it all!

         Attach one more very funny video on this topic. I believe that it will enjoy it as much as me....