Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You or Not

How Do You Know If Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You?

Emotional bonds… they’re very strong, especially the ones forged by women. But what happens to these bonds when your girlfriend breaks up with you? Can she strip away her attachments to you like ripping off a band-aid? Or are her feelings for you still there, just buried beneath a cold, hard surface?

91When it comes to the end of a relationship, there will always be lingering emotions. For the person who got dumped, those feelings will drive you in the direction of winning your girlfriend back. But for your ex, those feelings are something she’ll need to deal with in order to move forward with her newly single life.

There are two ways your ex girlfriend will shed the emotional ties she still feels for you. The first will take place over time. As the weeks and months wear on, your ex will slowly forget what it’s like to be with you and replace those memories with new ones. This however, is a long-term affair.

So in the short term, your ex does something else to get her through the breakup: she buries her feelings for you. Your girlfriend chooses not to face the emotional bonds and happy memories of the two of you together, because focusing upon those things might reverse her decision to end the relationship in the first place.

92To keep the breakup going, your ex girlfriend will quickly try to shelve her feelings for you. This is why she currently ignores your attempts at contacting her, and doesn’t seem to be listening to a single thing you say. In short, your ex is covering her ears and closing her eyes. She chooses not to think about your relationship for fear of sparking it back up.

Signs That Your Ex Is Still Thinking About You

So how can you know if your ex girlfriend still loves you? Will there be signs that she’s still interested?

The answer to that question is always. Even in the coldest of breakup scenarios, there’s always an indication that your ex is still mulling over her decision to break things off. She might go out of her way not to show you this side of her right now, but the emotional conflict is still happening secretly, in her head and in her heart.

Has your ex girlfriend kept up contact with you after the breakup? This is a sure sign she’s interested in keeping you around. Post breakup contact is her way of making sure you don’t go anywhere, just in case she feels like she’s making a mistake. By staying in touch, your ex is keeping tabs on you.

Did your girlfriend say “let’s be friends?” This is another tactic used when your ex wants to go out and possibly date other people… but still keep you easily within arm’s reach. It’s a selfish method of maintaining your interest while making sure you don’t make any romantic moves in her direction.


Body language, vocal inflection… these things can tell you a lot about how your ex girlfriend still feels about you. If you’re in direct contact with your ex, you can really examine these things to determine whether or not she’s still interested. An ex girlfriend who still loves you will always give off certain signals that her feelings for you are intact, and in most cases she won’t even be able to help it.

So how will this help you get your girlfriend back? By carefully determining when the time is right to take action. You’ll always want to make your move when your ex is at her emotionally weakest, as this makes her more open to the prospect of dating you again. But at the same time, you have to be careful to make only the right moves.