Secrets to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

You’ve seen it happen – your friend’s girlfriend walks out on him, and he acts all cool about it, and in no time at all she’s pounding on his door begging to come back to him! You may have heard it said that a man without a plan is a man without a woman. To get your girlfriend back you have to do as your friends did – using the secrets presented here, make a plan to get her back and then follow through! She will be knocking at your door and ready to give all.


Memorize and follow these pointers:

1. Give her some time on her own to think things through.

People reach more logical judgments when they’re further removed, by time or distance, from the thing they’re deliberating about. This seems to be even more pronounced in women than in men, perhaps because the right side of the brain, which controls emotional thinking, is more active among women than among men.

You want her to consider your state of affairs logically – that is, in her left brain. When she sees you, though, it’ll be her emotions that respond, and her thoughts of you will stay in the right brain. It will take time for this transfer from right to left – at least two weeks, and perhaps as many as three or four. This is a bit tricky. You don’t want to go too long without contacting her, or she may start resenting you for ignoring her entirely. On the other hand, you want to let her logical thinking take over, so that she can start wondering whether or not she made a mistake in breaking up with you.

2. She dumped you – her friends didn’t.

63Just because she walked out on you doesn’t mean you have to walk out on her friends who’ve become your friends! Giving up these friendships would be abandoning one of the most valuable weapons you have in the battle to win her back!

Her friends truly are your ambassadors, and you need to be at the peak of your diplomatic skills. Keep in mind that a diplomat is never negative, and neither should you be. Don’t harp on it, but let them know that from your perspective, the relationship you had with her was made in heaven. Her friends will share this information with her. What you really want, and it very well may happen, is to win her friends over and have them tell her that she was wrong to dump you. Even if that doesn’t take place, though, they’ll be telling her how much you loved her and how important the relationship was to you.

3. Remind her that you too have a life

Jealousy is one of the emotions tangled up in love that you may be able to control to get her to want to get back together with you. Be absolutely certain, though, that she was really in love with you before she walked out; if she wasn’t, your efforts to make her jealous will be unsuccessful and you’ll look foolish.

62Inciting jealousy in her is easily done, and can be approached from many different angles. One of the simplest would be to frequent taverns and clubs she likes to visit and flirt with some of the women there. She doesn’t have to see you directly – if her friends see you out and about and having a good time with other women, you can be sure that reports will be made to her quickly! Of course, a more direct approach, although one which carries a higher level of potential emotional harm, would be to carry on this behavior with her friends themselves. You need to be careful here, though – unless handled properly, it could harm her friendships, which could jeopardize your chances with her. Jealousy will start to grow in her from the moment she becomes aware that you’re carrying on with other women.

She knows instinctively that to defeat her jealousy, you can’t be carrying on with other women – the easiest way to make this happen is for her to return to you so you only carry on with her. Among other things, she’s embarrassed that her friends know that you’re carrying on with other women – she may want to get back together with you just to avoid that. Now you can talk about getting back together on your terms! Above all, though, it’s crucial that she be made to feel like the planet’s best-loved woman when you make up – and remember that with those other women, you were only flirting.