How to Get Your Wife Back

When your marriage hangs on by a thread and your wife has given up what was meant to be forever, you can’t sleep at night knowing what the bleak future holds. When kids are involved the stress weighs on you ten fold. Whether your wife has abandoned you for someone else or they’ve emotionally checked out, there is still hope left for getting your wife back.

When women leave it’s not because they’ve stopped loving you

Get Your Wife Back Women will stand by their man through thick and thin as long as they don’t have commitment issues to begin with. What MAKES a woman leave is if she felt emotionally abandoned by YOU long before she does the leaving. Women need to be assured they’re loved and appreciated regularly. How you show your appreciation is important.

Your willingness to connect and contribute

Get Your Wife BackWomen like to know you’re contributing and putting effort into the relationship. This may mean actively participating in conversations, initiating dates, getting them gifts out of the blue, doing the cleaning when they least expect it and anything else your wife might originally do on their own! This is extremely important. If you ‘expect’ and have gotten ‘used’ to your wife always doing these things, it’s time to wake up and start ‘contributing too’.

Challenge your wife

One reason your wife might be leaving is because you’ve failed to continuously challenge her, or in other words, stimulate her mind, body and soul. How you challenge your wife depends on the type of woman she is. Sometimes women will deliberately ‘start’ an argument just to see their man showing some EMOTIONS towards them. Remember we’re addicted to feeling emotions, so if your relationship has become stale and kind of boring, it could be a reason why they’ve decided to pack up and leave.


How things have changed

For getting your wife back, remember the person you both were when you first got married. It’s OK that things are different because change is inevitable, but how did things change for the worse instead of for the better? A marriage is two people that learn to grow and change together. Two people must challenge and stimulate each other and they must also contribute and give more then they take. It’s the recipe to a healthy and balanced relationship.