Getting Back Your Ex Girlfriend Advice

41Getting back your ex girlfriend is not all about begging and confessing everything. Most guys don’t see when a relationship has come to an end. To a majority of guys, when she says is over, its often a surprise. Their voice sounds like this, “Man, I don’t know what happened, she just told me that she loves me and everything but she can’t be with me any more”, and then worse enough, they still behave as if they are still together when their girlfriend breaks up with them.

Guys open up your eyes, there’s no woman out there who can just break up with you. You have to know that she has been thinking about dumping you for a long time. She has been thinking and contemplating about it . Usually there is a special reason why a woman will break up with her man. It also could be some little things about you she doesn’t like or don’t want deal with anymore. So when she says is over, stop acting like nothing is wrong and keep annoying her even more. Getting back your ex girlfriend may not always as easy as you think. Have you done much harm with the whole break up thing? Here is a few things you can implement to get your Ex back.

Tip: Be the same person she has always known

Just be yourself, get out there and have fun. Go window shopping if you don’t have anything to do. Just do something and stop staying at home crying all day and listening to sad music. This won’t help at all, it will make it worse for you and also you have to know that women don’t like it when you act this way. You want to create yourself to be that person she can still talk to. Not scare her away by trying to show her how much she has hurt you. I know is hard to deal with this kind of situation but you have to make things easier for yourself in order to move on with your life. If you accept that your relationship is over and act yourself, you can stand a chance of her coming back to you. Let me tell you something, the more you act like you don’t care, the more you look like a real man to her. Stop showing your sadness and crying indoors.

Tip: Stop bugging her, texting her, emailing her and calling her all the time

This is very important and this is where most guys screw up the most when they want their ex back. In case you have to talk to her, make the conversation short, Tell her you have to go, don’t tell her how much you miss her, don’t talk about the break up either but if she starts the conversation about your break up, say something like this ” well, i tried to save our relationship, but it seems too late now”..and switch the topic while you are trying to hurry and leave or if you are talking to her on the phone, let her know that you have to go because of this and that. Guys, let your ex do the calling, emailing and chasing you. If you chase her and email her all the time telling her how much you love her, you will push her miles away from your sight. Let me conclude this, “Give her space and let her do the running after you”, and she could come back to you.Always let her know how glad you are that she called you and it was nice hearing her voice, don’t reveal too much of your feelings. Did I make a point?

Tip: Stay away from her sight so that she can miss you and realize that she needs you

42If a relationship was meant to work out, it will. You just have to play your part smart so that you can get your ex back to your arms. If you hung out with her as friends, put her picture she gave you long time a go in your wallet, stalk her because you want to let her know how much you miss and lover her, most likely you will fail. It’s best to work on getting her back than to make her run away from you. If you still love her and want her back then play smart.Allow your mind to move on and make life easier for you. Take time out and heal..if your heart is suffering you can’t get back together successful. Some time a part from your ex will increase the chances of winning her back successfully.

Tip: Do you really want her back?

If she comes back, would you trust her again? she will always be the same girl that dumped you. Just ask yourself if you can live with anything wrong she did to you. Lets say she broke up with you because she thought the grass looks greener on the other side, Would you forgive her and live with that long-term? If not then let everything go and move on with your life. There is plenty of women out there who can treat you nice, appreciate you and even not dump you for a stupid reason. If she broke up with you for another guy or for a simple reason, there’s good chance she could do it again and this could end up being a pattern. You can be happy with another woman, even more happier because you don’t have to deal with all the breakups baggage.

Tip: She broke up with you, so what?

You need to know that she is not a necessity. You can live or s  urvive without her. When she says you don’t call her at all and that you don’t care, tell her you do care, but you are moving on with your life and you would be glad to find someone who loves you and is prepared to stand by your side.Be a Man and don’t chase her because you may never get her back. Stay strong, move on, act like you don’t care and you will get your ex girl back. Now I want you to listen to me closely, if you do all these things that I have told you, one of this will happen.


First if she doesn’t come back you are headed in a positive direction because you are not sad anymore. You will be in a good position of dating other women who can treat you better. Second, get more experience on how to deal with break ups, you become stronger and you attract your ex and get back together. But you know that you have to be yourself and stay stronger in order to keep her in your arms. If you go back the way you used to be she may leave you again. Thanks for listening.