Get Back Your Wife – Technique

You Want to Get Back Your Wife? Use This Technique and Drive Her Crazy For You Again!

I’ve been asked to write this article about how to Get Back Your Wife. Maybe it was because I have gone through this traumatic experience of losing a wife. After Andrea left I was in very intense mental and physical pain. Some days I could not even get out of bed. I started missing days at work and my family members started to worry about me.

Are you going through any of this same sort of experience? Does any of this sound familiar? Yes, you know how painful this is. Are you tired of just feeling abandoned and cheated? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use just a few tips that would totally turn your situation around? Well my painful experience is your gain. Here are a few things I started to do to get my life and marriage back on track and get back my wife for good.

32If you want to get back your wife, the very first thing you need to learn is to be patient. If you are calling her everyday or texting her trying to figure out what went wrong, then stop now. Don’t feel bad about doing it, just know that if you continue to do so, it will only push her farther away. You don’t want that, so learn to be patient and hold off on the phone calls and messaging.

By giving her some space to relax herself, those emotional walls you have been fighting against will start to come down. Also by being patient with her your own frustrations will begin to have less of an effect on how clearly you are thinking.

33Try to focus on the goal at hand. Now let’s try something. Picture yourself back with your wife, enjoying a relaxing night on the couch watching your favorite movies like before. Imagine the smells, the feeling you are having, the way she looks in the dark, and especially that she is there with you again. You see how good that feels? Now lock that picture inside your head, what you can call an emotional brain picture.

Hold on to that emotional brain picture and use it for motivation while you are trying to get back wife. Let the image in your head drive you to the ultimate goal of winning back your wife.

Improve Yourself. Use your emotional brain picture to motivate yourself into making you, a better you!

What this means is take some classes, it doesn’t matter what kind, just as long as you enjoy doing it. It could be a pottery class, a dance class (Woman love this by the way), or anything you want to learn about. Don’t tell your wife about this until the class is finished, and don’t just blurt it out the next time you talk or see her. I’ll explain why below.

Let this experience from the class adjust your emotional brain picture. Yes, you don’t think we will forget about that yet huh? Imagine the scene of you and your wife, only this time she finds out naturally about the classes you took. She will be surprised and start to become curious again, just like she was before you were married. This new emotional brain picture should include the surprise on her face, even though she is trying to hide it.

Women, who become surprised and curious about a man, tend to become more attracted to them.

We just disagreeWow, is there anything better that you can think of, than your wife being interested in what is going on with you? You can see her calling more often because she doesn’t know everything about you anymore.

You can work this angle to your advantage. I’m not suggesting you abuse it, but use this emotional brain picture to motivate yourself to do something your wife just wouldn’t expect from you.

Of course after you two have been together for so long, she automatically trusts you and is at a certain comfort level. Women who are comfortable with a potential mate, in addition to the surprise and the unknown about him, will drive her crazy for you again. Just like in the beginning of your relationship.

Now I bet at the beginning of the article you didn’t expect to learn how to drive your wife crazy about you again. Use the emotional brain picture to your advantage and find more proven techniques to get back the wife.