Get Back Your Wife – Filed For Divorce

Get Back Your Wife When She Has Already Filed For Divorce

Has your wife left you because she found another guy? You still love her but she’s filing for divorce? And you want her to reconsider the thought of you two being back together.

First, remember that you can’t control the way she feels about you. Telling her “I love you so much” a thousand times will only push her away. The only thing you can really control and change is you which will change the way your wife sees you.

23The reason for mentioning this is because many men get stuck in this world of feeling heavy pain over matters that have already happened. Instead of spending time feeling bad for the situation, start doing something to change the situation which is exactly why you’re here – to learn what you can do to get back your wife.

When your wife is with another guy and is filing for divorce, the first impulse you get is to fight it. You want to call her to tell her to reconsider and let her know that you still miss her. If you still haven’t figured it out, doing that does not help.

Then what do you do? Don’t fight it. Leave her be and stop trying to desperately pull her. This sounds like a kamikaze move and against every impulse in your body, but it will produce a better result in the end.

Think of it like a cat. When you give attention to a cat, the cat starts to get distant from you. When you start ignoring the cat, she comes to you for some attention.

22Even breaking all contact with her for a month can produce amazing results. She’ll start calling you and wonder about you because you’re not giving her the attention.

Do this for just a month. Actually, cut off all contact for a month and a half to make it even more effective. Even when she calls, don’t answer. This is your time to work on yourself.

Cutting off contact with her will not be enough to get back your wife even though it’s an effective mind game. The truth about the situation is that she wasn’t feeling satisfied about the relationship. If that’s the case, why would she want to come back to the same unsatisfying relationship?

And it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change. Actually, it’s not about you changing, it’s really about you bringing out the attractive man that is already inside of you.

Here’s one thing you can do during this period of breaking contact with your wife. Find some activity or hobby that you can be excited about. When women find men who are passionate about anything, they find that very sexy.

21Another plus is to find a hobby that involves other people. This keeps you social which decreases the amount of neediness you feel since you are connecting with other people. Also, women find it sexy when they see men having a blast with other people. When your wife sees that you are having the time of your life, she will want to be a part of that world you have created for yourself.

When your month and a half of no contact with your wife is up, avoid rushing into telling her how much you miss her and love her. Instead of you running to her, let her come to you.

Here’s a way to avoid coming off as needy and clingy.

Say something like “My friends and I are taking our kids to the zoo this weekend. After the zoo, we’re going to watch a musical. You should come out with us. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” If you don’t have kids, invite her to an event involving your hobby or anything that is fun for you. If you are having fun, then she will have fun.